QTFT Academy

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Executive Summary 

Researches and developments in nascent quantum technologies are being increasingly undertaken and funded. Emerging near-term devices are calling for ingenious software to harness their potentials. Thailand is no exception. We are taking part in the global effort to devise viable quantum computing educational programs, with a growing number of local scientists and computing practitioners.

QTFT is striving towards building a strong quantum community that bridges the gap between academia and industry in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We realize the high demand for up-to-date and high-quality courses in quantum technologies for high schools and universities in Thailand. To prepare Thailand for quantum technologies, we are establishing QTFT Academy to assist teachers and university lecturers in preparing their quantum technology courses and to provide intensive online content for enthusiasts.

We envision two types of educational programs: (1) university and high school courses that shall be the gold standard for quantum computing courses in Thailand, and (2) a series of QTFT-certified intensive online courses. We expect that the programs will create exposure to talented researchers and programmers in Thailand and neighbouring countries. In addition, this effort will help accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies and forthcoming open-source development.

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