Digital & Quantum Computing 
Consulting Services

Quantum computing, although fundamentally different, is not expected to replace a conventional computer. In fact, a good digital infrastructure is a prerequisite for enterprises to leverage a quantum computer. We provide a one-stop service to help you transit to the quantum era while making the most out of existing technologies.


1. Data Analytic Platforms

If you are new to big data, we provide in-house data engineers to help you get started using leading third-party software and hardware architectures that suit your need.


2. Mathematical

Finding the right mathematical model for your problems can make a big difference to the quality of your solutions. We provide PhD-level STEM professionals to help you get through this step.


3. Digital Solutions

We provide core software solutions on machine learning and optimisation using state-of-the-art digital and quantum-inspired techniques.


4. Quantum Solutions

We provide in-house R&D services for possible quantum algorithms that will bring your company's competitiveness to the next level. This step makes your enterprise "quantum ready" for the future.

Examples of use cases that we can engage


Air Traffic Management, Scheduling Problems, Tail Assignment, Aircraft Climb Optimization, Aircraft Loading Optimisation


Seismic Imaging, Drilling Location, Demand Side Management, Optimal Energy Biding Strategies, Microgrid Optimizations, Unit Commitment


Credit Scoring, Transaction Settlement, Portfolio Optimization, Risk Analysis, Optimal Trading Trajectories, Pricing Derivatives


Vehicle Routing Problems, Pick Ups and Deliveries, Scheduling, Warehouse Management, Bin Packing, Assignment Problems.


QTFT's Quantum Readiness Framework

We help businesses and public sectors transform to prepare for quantum computing with our original 5-step framework.

Problem Discovery

What are high-impact and computationally-expensive problems that your organisation is facing?

Problem Reformulation

How would your organisation approach the problem differently if a quantum computer were available tomorrow?

Digital Solvers

How well can digital solvers and the new approach deliver values to your organisation?

Quantum Experiments

What does quantum advantage mean to the new approach in term of ROI?

Quantum Transformation

How can your organisation embrace several new changes, with the help of quantum computing, to enable a global optimisation of the business processes?


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