Course Overview

QTFT Academy provides two types of educational programs. The first type is a series of QTFT-certified intensive online courses. Learners will be equipped with skills and knowledge necessary for leveraging quantum technology in creating value to industries. Graduates of these courses will have advantage in becoming QTFT’s potential contributors in future. The second program type is a group of university and high school courses. We aim to develop these courses to become the gold standard for quantum computing courses in Thailand.

Applicants who are university or high school students with high potential and aspiration to learn about quantum technologies may be eligible for registration fee discount. In addition, graduates in both types of programs will have an option to register for academic credits with our partner universities (such as SuranareeUniversity of Technology), upon completion of additional tasks (e.g. final assignment). The credit can be counted towards a fulfilment of degree in the respective universities afterwards. Click here for more information about academic credit registration in our partner universities.

Introduction to Mathematical Optimization

[QTFT-Certified Intensive Course]

This is a course aimed to survey various optimization problems and techniques, including linear programming, integer linear programming and combinatorial programming, and time complexity of various algorithms, state-of-the-art tools, and applications in industry.

The course includes for theoretical description of mathematical models and solution finding techniques and hands-on problem solving with modern programming tools. There are six assignments in this course. The evaluation of this course will be from theses assignments.

Overview of Quantum Technology

[QTFT-Certified Intensive Course]

This is a lecture-based course where you will learn an overview of quantum technology and its applications. The course will begin with a landscape of quantum technology and its use cases, followed by an overview of quantum computing (quantum algorithm & hardware), quantum communication, and quantum sensor. There are five multiple-choice assignments in the Quizzes section. The evaluation of this course will be from these quizzes only.