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The second quantum revolution

Quantum physics was established in the early 1900s by a group of physicists in an attempt to describe the newly discovered phenomena of the microscopic world. In the past hundred years, we have witnessed "the first quantum revolution" where quantum properties are partially used to develop world-changing technologies. These include transistors which led to the digital age, lasers, LED, solar cells, MRI and many more. But this is only the beginning.

We are now entering into "the second quantum revolution" where individual atoms / photons are manipulated to bring out the full potential of quantum mechanics. Applications include quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum cryptography and quantum sensors. These developments bring about the new era of information processing technologies. 


Quantum is a community

At QTFT, we believe that true innovation lies at the intercept between academic and industry. We partner with a broad range of STEM professionals, media and business leaders to tackle industry's biggest challenges, to bring positive change to the society and to prepare them for the incoming quantum technologies.

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Media Partners


The Standard is a leading online news agency in Thailand with more than 2M followers. QTFT collaborates with the Standard to host a live monthly science interview. The programme has gained over 500,000 views over the last year. It also constitutes the first-of-its-kind programme where STEM professionals talk in-depth about their research on a mainstream media in Thailand.

Brandthink is a leading platform for content creators under the concept "Create A Better Tomorrow" with more than 1M followers. QTFT collaborates with Brandthink to host a Podcast programme and "peer-reviewed" publications for popular science articles. The programmes have gained over 1M views over a year.


Suthichai is a senior journalist in Thailand and a co-founder of the Nation, Bangkok Biz News, iTV and Nation TV. Suthichai conducted several interviews and talk shows with QTFT on quantum technologies. The shows have attracted more than 500,000 views in the past two years.

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